Wednesday, January 16, 2013


 You will not believe how hard it is to find a glass bottle of ketchup. I went to all the grocery stores in town to find a gem. All I could find was Heinz with balsamic vinegar added so it was a lot darker and with a different label. In essence I kind of had to make it up - here's my rendition! If anyone has an original old ketchup bottle save it for me. I got the idea for this painting this morning - I can't rest until it's finished. This is my first try. I wasn't altogether sure if I wanted the logo on the label. I will try one with the logo next.
 Cherry collection. I found all of my old paints and decided to have some fun. I used 5 shades of red for the 3 cherry paintings. It's so silly to let it all go to waste. I was also interested in trying some fun stuff with color. Let it go so to speak. I owe some cherry paintings that's why there are 3 - I probably won't stop there either. It's a fun painting to do over and over.

Meyer Lemon's from Terry's garden. This was fun too but way hard for me.  I didn't have a preconceived notion of what I wanted. The lemons were all green - and to tell the truth I had a hard time with that concept. I changed it. It's kind of fun.
There you have it. I'm caught up and just where I want to be. I'm at 68 paintings! WOOHOO!
The post numbers will be off but I'm keeping track.
I am having a show at the Bookstore in March. It will feature the 100 paintings(at least what's left - probably 98 paintings) I'll send out the invite when the date gets closer. March 1st will be first friday - see you there???!!!

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