Sunday, September 4, 2016


The Fetcher's are a historic ranching family in Steamboat Springs, CO.
We were up at Steamboat Lake camping, biking and rowing our wherry's on the lake and
came across this view of one of the Fetcher barn from the water. The entrance gate
to this historic barn reads Fetcher Bros. hence my title. The Fetcher's are an old cattle ranching
family and the current generation of kids have taken over the day to day operations.
The cattle serenade you as you row around the lake. It's a romantic notion for sure - these days I prefer tofu for dinner
but I love to see and hear the cattle. It's a conundrum for sure. 
The Fetcher's have more than one barn but I found this view a bit different than the usual barn
painting. This is the third image in my triptych titled "GEMS OF ROUTT COUNTY"
Thanks for taking a look. 

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  1. Love that barn and love that you included their massive, beautiful meadows in your painting. Very clever title. xo n