Saturday, September 18, 2021


A friend of mine commissioned all of these portraits over the years.
She sent me this fun collage - it really made my day!
These are portraits of her friends and families dogs - she finally got her own puppy.
I hope to be painting her new puppy “Meeker” soon.
Stay tuned and thanks - MB
On another note 
the Winter Carnival painting was a hit with the folks in charge -phew!   
I hope brings in a boat load of $$$$$

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

WINTER CARNIVAL 1960 for 2022

48”h X 36”w
Oil on panel
Sorry for no updates in between - I must’ve had 20 changes per day of painting.
Can’t tell you how many times visual elements got painted over and over again.
Painting has to dry - then get some varnish. 
After that it’s out of my hands and on the way to get text added and photographed for the poster.
Thanks for waiting - MB
It’s time to clean my house and catch up on chores. You should see the studio - yikes what a mess!


Monday, August 23, 2021


2days of painting. 
Just trying to get some paint on every corner instead of getting stuck on one area.
Best laid plans anyway! 
Thanks a bunch for looking MB


Thursday, August 19, 2021


                                                  Fireworks finished unless I change my mind!
                      Trying not to obsess over any one thing too long - don’t want it to look overworked 
                                I ended up using a paper straw dipped in paint to finish the fireworks 
                                     Turns out I didn’t like the look of the brush for fireworks 
      Below is a photo for scale - painting is 4 ft tall - 3 ft wide I’m standing on a stool to paint the top
                                  Last photo includes all my reference photos for the painting 
                                      That’s it for now - I’ll try to keep my blog up to date
                 Thanks for all the encouraging emails - I appreciate hearing from everyone 
                                              Later MB - bad hair day as usual hence the cap!