Monday, March 23, 2020


60 X 72
Oil on canvas
I was going to have a viewing party - we all know how that’s worked out.
I tell you I didn’t think it was possible not only to finish but to be ecstatic with the results.
It’s hard to see all the details but it’s painterly where it needs to be.
The Motel lettering was the hardest. I think the bottom third
changed colors approximately 6 times. I was getting so discouraged,
I had to let the painting sit for days before I could proceed without failure.
I had to get out of my head - long walks really helped the process.
I should’ve documented all the changes because it was interesting what ideas got dropped 
along the way. It just didn’t happen. 
I guess you’ll just have to trust me that this final version is the best.
This painting will eventually get taken off the stretchers 
rolled up(which is kind of a nightmare scenario for me) and shipped to Florida. 
Of course it has to dry - then get a thin layer of varnish - dry some more then carefully roll!!!
 Which, the thought of rolling is probably going to keep me awake most nights. 
I’ve read extensive gallery articles on how to achieve the perfect roll.
It would probably be a good idea to find an old painting and give it a try.
Thanks for waiting - MB

Saturday, March 21, 2020


I want to introduce you to a friend of mine. He’s a great musician and stellar songwriter, Jim Spillane. Below you can read a story about the song he wrote for his newest CD “Nothing Like a Big Surprise”. You can also click the youtube link and hear the song along with some pretty inspiring visuals.
Thank goodness for good friends - they make this time so much better. They inspire me to be not so sad and a little more hopeful. Thanks for all the emails too I appreciate all the thoughts sent my way.

This song was written during the time that I was recovering from my cancer treatments; but, I did not want the song to focus specifically on that.  I wanted it to be more about big unexpected, life-changing experiences in general.  About a week ago, it occurred to me that this song applied really well to this whole coronavirus thing and I mentioned that to my musical partner, Brad Thrower.

As Brad spent his professional career as an audio/visual specialist and has made countless videos... mostly for General Motors; the notion of putting the song to a video evolved pretty naturally.  Within a few days he had constructed it and we decided to release it publicly.  That is how it wound up on You Tube.  

It is our hope that people will enjoy it and maybe be motivated enough to share it with others.  Brad and I are simply hoping more people will hear our music this way.  You can access the video with this link:  If you are so inclined, please feel free to click "like" and leave a comment as well.  

Thanks for listening!

Saturday, March 14, 2020

RABBI - - -

Love that post title? 
It’s going - had a rough patch but I hope I’m through with that nonsense.
So much doubt. 
New favorite colors Holbein’s Kings Blue Deep
Gamblin quinacridone red
Can’t explain how much I love them or why but they are now on my palette everyday 

On another note - I’m thinking about all of you everyday 
Drop me a line anytime to let me know you’re OK
Please stay safe and healthy because I need you!
I know that’s selfish but hey it’s the truth. 
Till next time all the best MB

Tuesday, March 3, 2020


                                          Good for scale - having a bad hair day as usual.
For the background I had to use some large house painting brushes.
It took 3 tries to get it right. I also breathed a bit too much Gamsol yesterday.
Over exposure to chemicals is something I try to avoid normally.
Large scale painting has been a challenge in more ways than I can count.
I’m using my Bristlon Silver brushes. My cheap brushes work great for small
details but I needed to break out my better brushes for this painting to work.
A lot of trial and error going on. Can’t believe how many changes I’ve made it’s hard
to see the progression. I haven’t been keeping track because the changes seemed so minute
at the time. I’m happy to be off the ladder! Can’t tell you how many times I forgot I was on the ladder. I don’t know how painters work on ladders - not really something I care to do on a 
regular basis or perhaps ever again. 
It’s hard to see the details so here’s a closeup.
Thanks for waiting MB