Friday, September 27, 2019


First off I want to let you know the $120.00 painting panel experiment was a total bust.
The 2 panels arrived in a box full of packing peanuts and styrofoam(I detest those packing materials) I was depressed just opening the box. On top of that one panel was warped.
The panels were not stamped or identified as archival either, they looked like foam core covered
in craft paper. When I put my level on the warped panel I punched a hole in the panel.
Not very durable! Can’t have that in a gallery setting with art being moved from one wall to another.

I got on the phone immediately after accessing my options and called Elizabeth at Raymar panels and ordered 30 X 30’s. I’ve worked with these panels before they are a bit heavier but I know
the quality is there and the panels are stamped. 
Galleries need to know there’s a quality product underneath all that paint. 

On another note here’s what I’ve learned so far with my linen panel tests.
In order to get the look I want - paint sitting in the fabric impressions 
I cannot thin the oil. I have to apply the asphaltum or burnt sienna with a rag straight 
out of the tube. Slather it on and then wipe off the top of the fabric without removing 
the color from the crevasses. The panels are drying then I’ll do some more tests.
The idea is to use a palette knife technique leaving some of the linen to show through.
I saw an artist on line who paints palette knife style with old credit cards.
I’ll see if I can find that video to post later.
That’s it for now MB

Sunday, September 22, 2019


Linen panels test
I’m interested in trying some new techniques for more of an abstract approach 
to painting. The bottom left and middle are the linen panels I ordered.
The left one is white gesso the middle panel is clear gesso.
I’ve tinted the panels with acrylic paint and then they will get a light coat
of oil paint which will be rubbed off. The bottom right panel has
jaune brilliant acrylic underneath Gamblin asphaltum. 
I’ve already decided that I dislike prefabricated linen panels.
I will use these boards to get started but I just ordered 3 yards of linen to make
my own panels hoping for a richer surface. The prefabricated panels are too
slick a surface for my taste. 
I’m finally getting busy and ideas are starting to take shape. 
On another note I’ve also ordered new lightweight panels for my larger works.
The panels should arrive Wednesday and I’ll either love them or hate them. 
It’s another $100.00 experiment.
JoAnne at SourceTek is pretty sure I’m going to love the new panels.
I bet she’s right - they’re a bit pricey. 
All is well - thanks for all the notes and congrats on the new gallery.
All the best MB

Thursday, September 19, 2019

GOOD NEWS! Finally

8” X 8”
Yesterday was a great day! 
This 4th of July painting from 2 years ago found the perfect home. 
The model in the painting saw it at White Hart Gallery and purchased it on the spot.
Yeah! I love it when that happens.

Also, some other great news 
 I think 
still processing 
I’m elated and a bit nervous.
It took a lot of courage on my part 
My confidence level has been on the low end for quite some time.

I brought in 5 brand new, small format, Steamboat Springs Icon paintings of 
Rabbit Ears Motel, Space Station and FM Light
to show the Jace Romick Gallery director Ashlyn.
She was excited to see some bright colors, she was genuinely excited about the work. 
We talked a bunch, I felt really good about our art conversation.
It’s going to be a great working relationship - which is what I need. 
Cindy was the greatest person to work with at White Hart. 
I didn’t think it was possible to find a new venue with the same attitude but I believe 
The Jace Romick Gallery is going to work out great.
I signed a contract on the spot to show in the gallery.
Looks like I have a new home.
It doesn’t feel real yet but I’ll get there eventually.
Thanks for waiting again and again MB

Wednesday, September 4, 2019


I’m alive and well. Painting as usual but haven’t posted because
I’m working through some stuff in my head, the paintings are not ready
to post at this time. Lots of ideas bouncing around in my head 
I guess that’s better than no ideas!
I’ll get back to it thanks for understanding MB

If you’re wondering how to help those less fortunate in the Bahamas
I’ve included a link to NYT article on how to donate.