Monday, December 28, 2015


Jess riding on the 4 wheeler with her Mom!
Thanks for following and looking. MB


Here's what Jess's neighbor has to say about her(this portrait was 
a surprise for Jess's Mom). She was a border collie and german short
haired pointer. She was very opinionated, but lived to ride with her
mom up in the mountains on the four wheeler checking on the cattle.
Thanks for all the patience in lack of posts. 
I've moved to a new gallery and it's been emotionally and financially trying. 
 I will be at Circle 7 Fine Art for 3 months trying it
out to see if it fits. More on that later.
Thanks a bunch

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Here it is. Some of these are from the Plein Air event at
Steamboat Art Museum. The paintings were framed wet - the corners got damaged
I had to repaint the edges so I could frame them in floater frames.
If I didn't mention this, I gessoed my display boards black. The black is a
much better background than the original grey display boards I've had for years.
Only took me 3 years to figure that one out!!! go figure
Thanks for taking a look. MB

Sunday, December 6, 2015


I love "Lightning"!  SOLD
Lightning is at The Center for Visual Arts for the month of 
December - after that he may be wheeling away we'll see
how that goes. More on that soon. Big changes coming if
all goes according to plan. 
Thanks for hanging in there in this crazy busy time!
Pray for snow.
Later MB