Wednesday, November 20, 2019


24 X 24

Here’s the photo I bought on Alamy for the painting. 
Some day I’ll paint the entire scene but for now I just wanted
to paint the bug with the ski rack.

This isn’t a great photo - I’ll get a better photo when
the sun decides to return. 

I wanted to add the space station sign to the empty
space on the left. You can see the miniature space station 
photo I cut out and taped to the painting for a couple
of days before deciding to paint it on the canvas. 
Turned out it was the perfect size. 
Thanks a bunch!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019


5 X 8
I’ve been painting like crazy. Getting ready for the new gallery season
in Steamboat Springs. I’ve had a number of failures - which is the hardest thing
to overcome and keep working. 
Sorry for minimal posts 
I’m hoping for numerous successful paintings and posts going forward.
Thanks for hanging in! Hope all is well.