Sunday, March 30, 2014


"Ed in a Single Scull"
10" X 16"
Oil on Panel by me

"Max Schmitt in a Single Scull"
1871 by Thomas Eakins
Oil on Canvas 32" X 46"
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City
Now do you see what got me going??!!!
The pose, the light, the city in the background.
I just couldn't resist. 
Shortly after his return from studies in Europe in July 1870, 
Eakins began to paint rowing pictures. 
The Max Schmitt rowing painting was the reason for this quest. 
Although few critical voices actively promoted Eakins' vision, 
the sheer steadiness of his quest to center his art on the 
accurate portrayal of the human figure 
won him a position in the art world.

I painted this in one day 
but it took 2 more days to finish. 



"Eakins revolutionized art instruction. Instead of drawing from
plaster casts, he required students to draw the nude from life,
studying its motion and anatomy. The idea was ahead of its
time: when he insisted on a class of both men and women drawing
from what a newspaper called "the absolute nude,"
Eakins was fired in disgrace. Professional careers were
closed to women and blacks, he encouraged them to study art. 
One of his pupils, Henry O. Tanner(1859-1937), 
became the first important black painter and the most
successful black American artist 
before Romare Bearden and Jacob Lawrence."
Drawing from life is difficult, frustrating and rewarding.
Thanks for following it should become clear in part III.


My brother sent me a photo and it triggered a memory 
of the painter Thomas Eakins. This painting will be in 3 parts
Painting dimensions 10" X 16"
Each day I'll give a little background on 
Eakins(pronounced AY kins; 1844-1916)
Quotes are taken from The Annotated Mona Lisa
"When Eakins decided to paint a crucifixion, he strapped his
model to a cross. His first concern was to get the anatomy right.
To learn anatomy, he dissected cadavers and became 
so knowledgeable on the subject he lectured to medical students. 
He plotted out the perspective of his paintings with mathematical precision."
"I hate affectation," he wrote. 
"I am learning to make solid, heavy work."
I had not thought about Eakins for years - to tell the truth he's kind of
a blip on the screen in the art world. Most of my art history books
devote a paragraph to Eakins nothing more. 
Also, I'm not comparing myself in any way to his artistic ability.
This is fun for me and I learn something new in the process.
Thanks for following!


I left out all the traffic from my photo because 
it's not about the construction 
it's all about the pants!
6" X 9"
oil on panel

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I like to look at my paintings as a group.
It's not like there's a theme 
 oh well - that's what keeps it interesting for ME.
This gives you some idea of what I see when I
walk into my studio in the morning. 
I wish you all the best weekend!
I'm working on something a little larger will try to have a 
post for monday.
Thanks for following I appreciate all the emails and observations.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


The Hayden Granary is still functioning as it did in the early
days. "There's wisdom in the buildings, and it brings that out of 
people when they're here," Tammie Delaney said about the 
nearly 100-year-old structures. The Delaney's offer up the
example of the men who used to gather at the building for
coffee in the mornings back when it still was a working 
granary as evidence of its history as a gathering place 
and hub for Hayden.(from Steamboat Pilot Today Article)
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Sunday, March 23, 2014


I have to find the name of this barn. Nancy if you know send
me an email. It's on the right side of hwy 40 before you get into
Hayden.  This one is 6" X 6". I may make this larger for the 
gallery for the summer. We'll see.
Thanks - MB


This is an odd size I think it's 4" X 8"
I've wanted to paint this image for quite some time.
It was not an easy little painting.
Thanks for following.


Hayden Granary Coffee stop

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


This is the fat cat. He's super social and would follow you
anywhere. Hard to get a pic though cause he's either rubbing
on you or just so happy to be the center of attention.
Have a great weekend and thanks for following!
Next week could be a real mixed bag.

"B & B"

When the cat's away - go into your neighbors house and take
some pics of their cats cause you need cat painting practice.
I can never remember if the skinny - shy one is Barnum
or Bailey - this is the shy one.
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Sunday, March 16, 2014


This is Meg's other special buddy. 

"SAY GOODNIGHT............"

Ok so here's the deal. I listen to the radio when I paint.
As you know radio is pretty slim pickings in Steamboat.
I have XM satellite radio and found a new station to listen to
it's called the Loft. It's a great channel and one of the DJ's 
Meg Griffin is so fantastic - I paint to her shows and get soooo
 much work done. Well anyway Gracie is one of her dogs.
So this is a thank you to Meg!
Her Irish show was fantastic today.


That's short for Denver Art Museum. 
I went to see the Impressionist show last fall and ended up
spending more time outside taking photos than staying inside
to view the show. The show was not what I had expected.
But I might get some fun paintings out of the day.
As always if there is anything you want let me know!
Some days it's just too much to make a paypal button.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


"Sunday Morning #6 - SUNNY BENCH"SOLD
This was another image from my Denver visit last September.
I love this guy - he set his book down for a moment
and sat soaking up the sun on a beautiful fall day.
I'm starting to get my mojo back I can feel it hope
you can too!
Thanks a bunch
6" X 9"
Oil on Panel


"Sunday Morning #5 - Dappled Ford"
Every morning while we were at the Uke Fest last September
 I took the dogs for a walk through the neighborhood. 
Saw this great old ford and couldn't resist a photo. 
I met the owners wife she said the vehicle
was her husband's pride and joy!
Thanks for following.
5" X 7"
Oil on Panel

Sunday, March 9, 2014


This is a new idea brewing. 
It should end up being a series of shot glass images. 
I just guess you'll just have to wait and see if and when it happens.
Thanks and have a great weekend.


You have no idea how hard it has been to get back at it.
I wiped away 5 paintings before I got anything to show.
Turns out it was extremely difficult to go from large paintings 
that were 9 square feet
 back to small 6" x 6".
Why is it always a struggle gosh I wish I knew the answer to that one.
I love this woman on her way to Perkins on Sunday morning.
The light that morning was so incredible.
Thanks for following!


OK - this gentleman parked his vintage brown Toyota Corolla
at the far end of a Denver Post office parking lot. 
He walked all the way around the parking lot 
to mail his letter but before he mailed his love letter????
 he stood there looking at the letter for quite some time. 
I love this guy - I love seeing the blue postal boxes lined up.
If you know me you know how much I love the post office
I love sending hand written letters
I love receiving hand written letters
I love paper - I love stamps
I love going to post offices all over the world when I travel 
I've had great conversations with post office men and women
I love getting a surprise in the mail
Send someone a surprise - but you may have to email them first
to get their snail mail address - it's rewarding give it a try!
Thanks to everyone for all the best wishes for my opening. 
I really appreciate all the thoughts - I keep going because
I know you're out there and you're paying attention to my 
crazy quest. Thanks for coming to my show too!
You guys rock!
I'll try my best to keep it interesting - we'll see