Sunday, March 9, 2014


OK - this gentleman parked his vintage brown Toyota Corolla
at the far end of a Denver Post office parking lot. 
He walked all the way around the parking lot 
to mail his letter but before he mailed his love letter????
 he stood there looking at the letter for quite some time. 
I love this guy - I love seeing the blue postal boxes lined up.
If you know me you know how much I love the post office
I love sending hand written letters
I love receiving hand written letters
I love paper - I love stamps
I love going to post offices all over the world when I travel 
I've had great conversations with post office men and women
I love getting a surprise in the mail
Send someone a surprise - but you may have to email them first
to get their snail mail address - it's rewarding give it a try!
Thanks to everyone for all the best wishes for my opening. 
I really appreciate all the thoughts - I keep going because
I know you're out there and you're paying attention to my 
crazy quest. Thanks for coming to my show too!
You guys rock!
I'll try my best to keep it interesting - we'll see

1 comment:

  1. This painting, along with your narrative, is one of the most endearing ever. I also send a lot of mail - nothing like being on the receiving end of it. I write notes, cards, letters, postcards, etc. all the time. I hear you.