Sunday, March 16, 2014

"SAY GOODNIGHT............"

Ok so here's the deal. I listen to the radio when I paint.
As you know radio is pretty slim pickings in Steamboat.
I have XM satellite radio and found a new station to listen to
it's called the Loft. It's a great channel and one of the DJ's 
Meg Griffin is so fantastic - I paint to her shows and get soooo
 much work done. Well anyway Gracie is one of her dogs.
So this is a thank you to Meg!
Her Irish show was fantastic today.


  1. MB, You really captured Gracie! The mischief in her eyes is Spot On! I LOVE this portrait and I am happy you are among my listeners on SiriusXM! Please join our interactive Loft FB page. Love Love Love this! MG

  2. Cutest doggie. I also listen to the radio when I paint. I usually have to do it through an APP on my iPad, which works fairly well via our satellite internet.

  3. Now we have a face to Gracie! love it! say goodnight Gracie. :)