Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I like to look at my paintings as a group.
It's not like there's a theme 
 oh well - that's what keeps it interesting for ME.
This gives you some idea of what I see when I
walk into my studio in the morning. 
I wish you all the best weekend!
I'm working on something a little larger will try to have a 
post for monday.
Thanks for following I appreciate all the emails and observations.


  1. Wow. If I walked into my studio (if I had a studio) and saw all this hanging, I'd feel pretty darn wonderful. You are a talented lady.

  2. What a great idea! I am not nearly as productive but am going to start putting my few pieces in a group to get a better overview of what I have accomplished

  3. I echo Nancy's comments! I am partial, of course to the animals, but I find the mailbox scene quite intriguing! And the barn and the grainary. And the lucky random ones that were selective for their own specialness! Awesome diversity!