Monday, April 13, 2020


Who me?

I’m not being bad

I’m not chewing the knob - no - not me

I’m not crazy  

I could chew on my box but I’d rather chew on your jeans


Sunday, April 5, 2020


New addition to family - we think he’s a little 
Pepper Corn aka.Pepper - Peppy - Zippy 
Not really sure he’s been with us for 3 days so things could change.
I was having difficulty attaching a video so here’s my 
Instagram Link for video of Pepper in action(below) a little comic relief 
We love him and if you want to see him we can meet in our driveway 
Email me or text or call - he’s excited to meet new friends 
My neighbors stopped by from a safe distance in the driveway 
today so he got some socializing which I’m grateful for 
because I want a well adjusted dog 
If you love corgi puppies please stop by and say hi!