Sunday, August 11, 2019


8 X 8
I’ve been having an incredible month with numerous sales.
It’s been hard to keep up which is a good thing.
No complaints 
On another note the
White Hart Gallery building has been sold and the last day for the gallery is September 27th.
Cindy the owner is closing the business due to numerous personal issues.
I’ve known for some time this was coming it’s not a surprise.
Cindy has been more than accommodating by keeping me in the loop.
She was surprised at how fast the building sold figuring it would take a year or more. 
Best laid plans!
Anyway - I’m freaking out a bit
 Lots of hyperventilating going on along with unusual heart palpitations. 
Sorry for not communicating but it all happened a lot faster than anticipated.
More later
Thanks for hanging in and hanging on MB