Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Here is the scale photo. 
Cooper 8"X 8"
Downtown 10" x 16"
The Hayden Grain Co. 12" x 24"


10"H X 16"W
Oil on panel
This is not the best photo. I accidentally varnished it before I got any photos - OOPS!
It will be up at Center for Visual Arts in Steamboat Springs for July. 
Thanks for taking a look and have a great weekend.


I love to paint downtown Steamboat Springs - especially at night.
These are details of a new painting for July.


Wasabi had a wonderful life this is what his family has to say about him.
He was the #5 Havenese in the country and the strongest little dog you
have ever seen, all muscle. He was obsessed with his yellow lacrosse
ball that he had since he was a puppy. He was my dads best friend
and never left his side, my dad called him his "little Buddy".
Thanks for taking a look!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Here is the finished painting. 
It's 12"h X 24"w
Oil on panel

Here's photo reference if you're interested.
Thanks for hanging in there.


I love the details - sometimes it spurs a new idea.
Thanks for taking a look.


I'll try to post the photo for this painting if I can find it. 
I changed the truck to an old GMC instead of what was parked there
and changed a few other items around as well.
Paint is great for changing the view.


12"h X 24"w
Here's the first day of painting the Hayden Grain Co.
It went a totally different direction than first anticipated.
Just to let you know - I'm busy getting larger works
finished and dry for first friday July 3rd.
Posting can be a challenge right now.
Thanks for waiting.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


18"h X 24"w
Oil on panel
Showing at The Depot Arts Center
Steamboat Springs, CO
The Summer Art Member show will be up for 2 months
June and July
If you get a chance stop by and have a look. 
This one was so much fun!
Have a great weekend.


A couple of more closeups of my Freedom Flyer painting.


Here are 2 details from my painting currently showing
at the Depot Arts Center in Steamboat Springs.

Sunday, June 7, 2015


"Little Red VW"
I painted this outside - it rained, then crap fell out of the trees
bugs stuck to the paint etc. etc.
Plein air is not my style for those very reasons. 
I like the comfort of my studio, music blaring, food available
 and Georgi by my side. He's my best buddy - my Corgi
Anyway, I got all the bugs and leaves off the paint. 
It's a miracle.
Thanks for looking.


Cooper aka. Coop - a boy!
Easy going, friendly, curious, loyal
"one of a kind"
co-pilot in life.
What else is there to say about this wonderful dog?
Hope everyone had a great weekend
I have lots to post we'll see if I get it together.
Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


These mini paintings will be on display along with some 
new stuff and some old stuff. 
I had two weeks to get this show together for June.
We'll see how it looks on friday.
Thanks for waiting and following if you're still there.


Turns out I'm in three - yes three shows this month. 
Of course this was nothing I planned but it happened. 
So it's been kind of crazy for me.
New work at the 
The Depot Arts Center
The Center for Visuals Arts(if it's dry)
Creekside Cafe 
all located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
I will be at Creekside Cafe for First Friday, June 5th
5pm till 8pm
I will be painting so if you're in town stop on by and say hi!
This new cupcake painting will be in attendance as well.

"I'M BACK !!!!!???? I THINK"

Hope all is well with everyone out there.
Missed you all. 
More later.