Thursday, December 12, 2013


6" x 6"
This dog I met many years ago - she would follow her master any where and do anything. 
He'd ski off a 20 foot snow covered cliff she'd follow right behind.
She just had that presence that you can't explain
I was given 4 photos of Yedi to do one painting(which I tried and hated)
 she wasn't just one painting she was a lifetime of paintings!
There is a mountain not far from my house and it will always be Yedi's Ridge
 here's the first in a series of three
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6" x 6"


 8" X 8"
I forgot to take a pic of all three together before I put them away to dry you get the idea.
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Monday, December 9, 2013


8" X 8"
 (DONATE 150.00 to your favorite organization - send me the receipt and this painting is yours)
REX'S STORY It's just too precious - he's 11 and he met his true love but there's more to the story.
I will include a copy of the story with the painting 
would be a great story time bedroom painting
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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Henri is the oldest in the pack of Bracco Italianos. I fell in love with this pose the first time I laid eyes on it and knew it had to be painted. It is such a classical style pose for this noble dog. I can rest assured?????!!!!!!!!!! my friend liked the Hanna portrait. Let's drink to that. Have a great weekend.
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


8" x 8" will be framed individually
Here's the other part of the Portofino story - so I was really hired to paint 3 Bracco Italiano dog portraits not Portofino. I was truly stumped by these dogs in my friends photos they all looked alike to me, I had a difficult time processing the visuals in the emails. I have never seen an Italian Bracco - didn't know anything about the breed so that's why I painted the stucco buildings and boats instead - that was something I could relate to - I've been there seen it done it etc. 
It was time for some research to get to know this Italian breed of bird dog. The main words used to describe this breed is sweet - sweet - sweet! In every e mail to me my friend used - those exact words  to describe these wonderful dogs of hers. Now I was ready - at least I thought so but there's more. 
Throw another wrench into my psyche written by my friend:
One of the things I like about your paintings is the color and there isn't much opportunity for color in the dogs themselves, so I was thinking some sort of colorful border or background would be fun.
YIKES! Holy cow - The first dog I painted was Hanna and she's lavender - pink and blue with a brilliant green background. So I got the background right but Was I suppose to make her brown and white?  
So you see what keeps me up at night!!!!!!!!! I out guess myself - I doubt myself - it just never ends. 
Another thing - I was suppose to put all three dogs on one canvas too - well that didn't work for me visually/ no how no way - so again I throw myself under the bus and go with my gut. The dogs are all painted on separate gessobords and they will be framed separate and that's that - end of story. 
Commissions might be my undoing - Cause I pretty much do what I damn well please. Bad girl!
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Tuesday, December 3, 2013


12" x 12" 
oil on 3/4" gessoboard 
mounted in floater frame
There's a story here - a friend wanted me to paint her dogs but her dogs were pretty difficult. Then she suggested maybe a vacation photo - so that's where I started with this photo of Portofino - which I cropped the hell out of to get what I wanted to paint, maybe not what she wanted. The rebel that I am I didn't even ask if this was what she wanted - I just needed something to paint and I needed to try my new color Naples Yellow by Holbein - now I know how to use the color it was a great assignment. I'm no business man I can tell you that.  She doesn't even know about this painting - so that's the story.
I did paint her dogs after all and I love the way they turned out more on that another time.

Monday, December 2, 2013


I bought this little lamb chop doll last year at the Minnesota State Fair - It was meant to be a baby shower present but she never made it there. Love her too much!
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Sunday, December 1, 2013


12" X 12"  ON CANVAS 
I know you've seen this before but this is a redo. I love this image can't explain why but here is #2
I'm not going to fight it - just paint it again and again
Hope you survived all that food!

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