Tuesday, December 3, 2013


12" x 12" 
oil on 3/4" gessoboard 
mounted in floater frame
There's a story here - a friend wanted me to paint her dogs but her dogs were pretty difficult. Then she suggested maybe a vacation photo - so that's where I started with this photo of Portofino - which I cropped the hell out of to get what I wanted to paint, maybe not what she wanted. The rebel that I am I didn't even ask if this was what she wanted - I just needed something to paint and I needed to try my new color Naples Yellow by Holbein - now I know how to use the color it was a great assignment. I'm no business man I can tell you that.  She doesn't even know about this painting - so that's the story.
I did paint her dogs after all and I love the way they turned out more on that another time.


  1. I am so pleased you posted this. Going to get me some of that Naples Yellow. I love it. Again, you are a magician with the reflections...

  2. LOVE it!! I was counting on the rebel in you -- and of course you have done it, MB. You have captured the essence of the place. . . I love the repetition of the boats and the reflections in the water and the glimpse of flowers in the corner -- they leave me wanting more. . . What a great surprise -- you've made my day!