Sunday, November 29, 2015


Sunshine's Aunt sent me this photo. It was a pixelated photo
without much definition but I've always wanted to paint a 
dog with a mouthful of toys. I gave it my best shot!
 This is going to be a crazy week for me. 
I'm not sure if there will be any posts - it's not for the lack of painting. 
Thanks for hanging in there and being patient.
Your buddy MB

Monday, November 23, 2015


Bob's Conoco station is in downtown Steamboat Springs.
Bob just sold the Conoco station after running it for too many years to
count. I'm pretty happy for Bob he's the nicest guy you would ever want to meet
he deserves to retire and have some fun.
The new owner is going to keep it going - gas station and car repair, how cool is that?
Here's a quick story about Bob and the guys that work there.
Many years ago I had to drive to Texas to meet my husband.
He needed a ride home - anyway it was 104˚ in Texas that 
summer. A functioning air conditioner in my truck would be a 
nice feature. I had the truck packed - turned on the key and heard a 
thump!!! It wasn't a mechanical thump but the sound of a mouse
type thump. The first auto mechanic I went to had no time to look at my
problem(and didn't really care that I was driving into the inferno we call Texas).
I was desperate to find this poor mouse. I stopped at Bob's, the
guys dropped everything after they heard my story - they took apart the 
wheel cage under my dash and voila they found the mouse. 
I was on my way mouse free with a functioning air conditioner. 
Crisis averted - although the mouse was not so lucky.
Thanks for taking a look.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Here's what Sunshine's family has to say about her
"Sunshine is the happiest and most loving dog! We adopted her from the humane society in April and we’ve never had a dull day since.  We believe she is half lab, half golden retriever. She loves her toys, to swim, and to give kisses (she even tries to give kisses with toys in her mouth). Sunshine is always smiling! She also enjoys running and playing with other pups. When she’s excited her WHOLE BODY wiggles!! She’ll run in between your legs so she can get scratches. We love Sunshine so much!"

This may be the last post till Monday(I love this happy face) 
Have a wonderful weekend!
Thanks for following 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Here are some process shots of Sunshine
Her story will follow. I fixed her today so now I'm happy

Thursday, November 5, 2015


I started this blog 3 years ago today!
The blog has changed a bit over the years. It started out as a quest to 
post everyday but has morphed into something a bit different.
I post when it's right rather than posting for the sake of posting.
There are a few more gaps in the process and that's working
out better for me. You have all been instrumental in this process
and I wouldn't be here without you! I really can't do it without
all the comments and encouragement - thanks for sticking
by me all these years!!!!!!!!
Takes a village to raise a painter.


Here's all 11 paintings for Born Free. We met our goal 
 the drawing will be tonight November 6th - 6:30 
Creekside Cafe 
131 11th St. - Steamboat Springs, CO
If you've got some spare time stop on by I'll be there from 
5pm till 7:45pm.
Thanks for all the support on this project!

Sunday, November 1, 2015


This is another extra painting for Born Free - it was #11.
This is going to be a crazy week not sure how many posts
will happen if any. I'm getting everything ready for my 
show at Creekside Cafe for November and December.
The Born Free drawing will be this friday as well 
It's going to be really hard to part with these paintings.
I've had them hanging in the studio for awhile
I will be lonely without them.
Thanks for following!