Sunday, September 22, 2019


Linen panels test
I’m interested in trying some new techniques for more of an abstract approach 
to painting. The bottom left and middle are the linen panels I ordered.
The left one is white gesso the middle panel is clear gesso.
I’ve tinted the panels with acrylic paint and then they will get a light coat
of oil paint which will be rubbed off. The bottom right panel has
jaune brilliant acrylic underneath Gamblin asphaltum. 
I’ve already decided that I dislike prefabricated linen panels.
I will use these boards to get started but I just ordered 3 yards of linen to make
my own panels hoping for a richer surface. The prefabricated panels are too
slick a surface for my taste. 
I’m finally getting busy and ideas are starting to take shape. 
On another note I’ve also ordered new lightweight panels for my larger works.
The panels should arrive Wednesday and I’ll either love them or hate them. 
It’s another $100.00 experiment.
JoAnne at SourceTek is pretty sure I’m going to love the new panels.
I bet she’s right - they’re a bit pricey. 
All is well - thanks for all the notes and congrats on the new gallery.
All the best MB

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  1. Oh boy!  Can't wait to see what gets painted on these!