Saturday, March 21, 2020


I want to introduce you to a friend of mine. He’s a great musician and stellar songwriter, Jim Spillane. Below you can read a story about the song he wrote for his newest CD “Nothing Like a Big Surprise”. You can also click the youtube link and hear the song along with some pretty inspiring visuals.
Thank goodness for good friends - they make this time so much better. They inspire me to be not so sad and a little more hopeful. Thanks for all the emails too I appreciate all the thoughts sent my way.

This song was written during the time that I was recovering from my cancer treatments; but, I did not want the song to focus specifically on that.  I wanted it to be more about big unexpected, life-changing experiences in general.  About a week ago, it occurred to me that this song applied really well to this whole coronavirus thing and I mentioned that to my musical partner, Brad Thrower.

As Brad spent his professional career as an audio/visual specialist and has made countless videos... mostly for General Motors; the notion of putting the song to a video evolved pretty naturally.  Within a few days he had constructed it and we decided to release it publicly.  That is how it wound up on You Tube.  

It is our hope that people will enjoy it and maybe be motivated enough to share it with others.  Brad and I are simply hoping more people will hear our music this way.  You can access the video with this link:  If you are so inclined, please feel free to click "like" and leave a comment as well.  

Thanks for listening!

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