Tuesday, December 2, 2014


 An architect friend of mine called me and said can you paint a house?
I said with a roller sure but with a small paint brush I'm not so sure.
So I gave it a go. Here's the finished product and they bought it so I'm
happy -  hence the title Stimulus package - merry christmas to me.
Here's the photo I worked from. Too much hill and too much 
background. I've cropped it here to what they wanted. They 
wanted the house larger and the pond included. Solution 
below. I'm revealing my tricks that could come back 
and bite me in the a--! 
I took a sheet of plexi - propped it up on 2 kleenex boxes
with a white sheet of paper underneath. I should've recorded
how I did this but I didn't. Took another photo of the reflection. 
And there you have it - reflection on a pond minus the hill.
I'm painting like mad just can't show anything cause it's 
stuff for christmas. 


  1. First of all, congratulations (!!) on selling this beautiful painting of this person's home. KUDOS!!! Always a gift! Secondly, thanks for the AMAZING lesson on how to create a reflection that did not exist in the first photo. I am going to use this somehow, I just know it. You are very generous to share this with your fan club. Thank you.

  2. You're a genius! What an amazing technique and the final result spectacular!