Monday, December 12, 2016


30" X 30" oil on panel
My new favorite cheap brush
Royal Langnickel Zen #14
This brush loads more paint for a larger painting but not as much paint as a bristle brush 
is thicker than my Loew - Cornell American painter brushes 
 seems to last longer, hold a sharp line and it's a short handled brush which is my favorite kind of brush. 
I also found a use for my Permalba White which is a mixture of titanium white and zinc white.
 Remember when I gave away all my supplies this summer? I think I gave away 6 large 
tubes of Permalba White because I couldn't figure out how to use this transparent white.
Well it finally came to me how to use this transparent white to my advantage - duh!
It works great as an undercoat for titanium white or a feathery over glaze to dull a color especially 
for the feel or look of snow. I'm sure I'll find more applications for Permalba now that I get
how it works. Guess I better order some more. Go figure.
Thanks for taking a look. MB

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  1. Looking at your process, I think, is my favorite part of your blogs. I just love observing how you work a painting. Also, interesting notes about the whites. I remember the first time I used Titanium White. I was shocked at the "shiny" element. Thanks for posting MB. Always a treat in my day.