Sunday, March 5, 2017


I started painting this bike as a demo for first Friday - this is how far I got!
It was a busy night and lots of friends stopped by which makes the evening special.
Rather than have it dry with thick paint I performed my newsprint trick to pull
off most the paint while leaving the image. If you're unfamiliar with that technique
you take plain newsprint(no writing on it) press it onto your image a rub the back of the
newsprint with your palm. It took about 4 rubbings to get most of the paint off till I have time
to get back to this little gem. The other bike I painted last week is on my website up for auction. It has a couple of bids - I'm giving the auction platform 
a go to see if I can sell a few small works here and there. 
Thanks for taking a look - not sure how posting is going to go. 
I have a 30" X 30" commission to get under way. Once I get it going
I'll post the progress.

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  1. LOVE that fender! LOVE that we get to see the process. Thanks for sharing.