Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Photos - Easily distracted by shiny objects

This is a long story - might be impossible to describe. 
In March I promised the Tour De Steamboat organizers I would attempt to raise $1000.00
for the Tour de Steamboat bike ride on July 22nd. This event raises over $70,000.00 - it's all volunteer 
therefore all the money goes to 4 local nonprofit organizations. The event organizer - my neighbor and 
world class bicyclist - Katie Lindquist wants to up the anti this year and try to raise $100,000.00.
I thought my $1000.00 keychain donation could help the event in some small way. 

In hindsight it might have been easier to give her the $1000 bucks!!???

I've redone my part twice. I started this project in March and finished yesterday. Go figure.
My first thought was to create 20 necklaces - which I did - how dumb was that?
Then I bought a new inkjet printer and started over. My new goal was 50 key chains at 20 bucks a piece.
As you can see above they are fun and finished. Are they perfect? Well no but it's the thought that counts.
I've been teaching myself the art of metal stamping since March. My first thought was how hard could it be?
Well it's not as easy as I originally thought, in fact it's damn hard. I've ruined about every metal blank I 
purchased and the rest is history. It's been more frustrating than painting if you can believe it! 
The upside - I learned something new. 

Thanks for waiting an eternity - it's been one weird trip MB

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  1. OMG .... it's out of control. Did you know that raccoons also love shiny objects? Hoping this takes off and I am very excited for the prospect of that happening for you - no one works harder!