Tuesday, January 30, 2018


8" X 8"
 Ever since the solar eclipse & experiencing TOTALITY on
I can't get the stars, the feeling of totality, the experience out of my head.
I've had the Once in a Blue Moon theme in my head for months.
I've wanted to produce some paintings which portray pure joy and wonder
with the stars in mind along with a bit of quiet reflection.
Here's an odd twist to this journey that occurred recently.
I wanted a total escape, a humorous look at the world
what better way to achieve that feeling?
Guardian's of the Galaxy II
I love that movie for me it's a classic. 
In the old days we used to ski with a 
Sony Walkman around our waist with our favorite cassette tape
blasting tunes into our headset. How's that for a flash from the past?
 Guardian's of the Galaxy II is full of aha! moments - great music
a fun ride through time. If you've never seen it give it a go.
Anyway, the next morning I painted "ONCE IN A BLUE MOON".
I was smiling the entire time - painting that morning was joyful
from start to finish. 
Little did I know that January 2018 would bring us so many
celestial gifts. From the Super Moon or Wolf Moon on January 1st
to the big bang -  to the first Super Blue Blood Moon of 152 years on January 31st. 
Not only that but there's also a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE happening as well.
Don't miss out - if it's not happening in your area there's quite a bit of excitement 
on the internet - I'm sure you can find it and experience it as it happens.
Have a great Blue Moon
Thanks MB

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  1. Your blue moon piece of work shares the joy you were feeling ... we can feel that smile on your face just by looking at the fox jumping gleefully. Tried looking at the super moon with its eclipse this morning - all cloud cover. So it goes.