Saturday, June 1, 2019


We are happy to announce the birth of the twins. They are about a week old
and this appears to be their first big outing with Mom. 
My neighbor Fritz painted the moose crossing sign and we’re so happy
they chose to cross at the sign. We really wish they’d stay away from the road but my other neighbor
has a couple of ponds the past babies like to play in. I’ll try to get some photos when they’re 
down there splashing in the ponds. Might be too cold today.
We had a mountain lion in the yard on Friday so we’re all a bit concerned
for the Mom and her babies. We’re stressed out - I can’t imagine how she feels!
This will be a painting eventually - later MB

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  1. Thanks for sharing this with us! Just adorable. They are so tiny. Already looking forward to the painting!