Sunday, December 9, 2012


I have been stuck for so long all I want to do is make presents for friends. Here's a present for our newly elected local official, Diane Mitch Bush - Colorado House of Representatives, District #26. Purple is her favorite color - I tried in vain to paint a Columbine for her, well that didn't work out. I have wiped away more paintings this week than anyone in their right mind can imagine. So here's what I learned today - find an image you truly love to paint. That image will help free your mind and your brush. I told you I would be painting this VW again and again. Well here's the 1st one- tomorrow you get another. My advice when you're stuck - really stuck go back to what ever image works for you  to get you out of your fix. The VW is mine. Tomorrow it's a red one! Thanks for looking.
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  1. Diane is going to LOVE this little bug. I am not yet at the point where I am motivated to paint one thing again. Once I finish something, I just want to move on - not much of a learning experience, I know. It's just where I am at. I love the way you achieve the "roundness" of so many points of this painting - the hood, the fenders, the glass, etc.