Monday, June 24, 2013


Mustang rally. I have been trying some new stuff will post soon. I was invited to show at Harwigs for July and it's been quite unnerving. I have 2 weeks to prepare a show - it will be a retrospective of the last 3 years - but I'm trying to get a few new things to show.
I've been going crazy hence the lack of posts. I've been painting like crazy just no pics yet.
Opening for Harwigs will be July 5th Friday 5 to 8. If you're  in town please stop by.
More later. Thanks for following.


  1. I only can imagine what these people are "taking off." I kind of like that you didn't tell us - so our imagination can fun with it. Maybe it's too hot and they want to take off their clothes? Maybe he/she is holding a rag (red) and needs to wipe of dust from his car? Maybe the motion in their legs tells us that they are going to take off? I just don't know - thanks for the mystery.

  2. Love ALL of these -- festivals and carnivals provide such an opportunity for colorful subjects and you are capturing them so vividly. I would love to be able to sneak out to Harwigs to see your show -- but if not, these posts are the next best thing! Thanks so much and keep them coming. . .