Sunday, October 20, 2013


Sadie is a 6 year kid Labrador/greyhound mutt we adopted from the humane society around 5 years ago. At the time we had a miniature dachshund and Sadie quickly became the submissive one in the relationship, despite her 40lb advantage! Sadie loves playing fetch (although she has not mastered bringing the ball back...) and loves running up and down our dock. She is a HUGE lap dog (we don't think she knows her size) and readily climbs into your lap to take a nap. Her favorite treat is lettuce and she runs from bed (usually my bed) to the kitchen whenever she hears salads being made!

The dogs are considered family members and very spoiled! 
They are very loved!!

So - I couldn't decide which pose I liked better so I painted 2. The client(boy does that sound important)
chose the first portrait. I still like them both. I love to paint and I'm so lucky I get to do what I love!
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  1. What a content dog this is...and why not? She gets to eat salads! MB, you are right - you are so lucky that you get to do what you love. So many people struggle. Life has brought you so many blessings and you have created most for yourself. Good for you!