Thursday, October 23, 2014


It's been an entire week of paintings and this is about all I got. 
I love this little slice of dog heaven.
4.5" X 10"
oil on panel
This beach is north of Santa Barbara and they allow dogs to run on this beach.
My little LULU is always good at this beach. She loves to swim and play chase.
This dog had such a good time with my short legged corgi's he was literally
laughing at them because they had no chance of catching him. He would wait for
them and then take off again. We love this beach but only go there if you're a 
dog lover because there are dogs everywhere.
Sorry for no posts but it was like treading water all week. Hoping for
something better next week. 
Have a fun weekend!

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  1. I am fascinated with your blue/green ocean. Just beautiful. I can feel al that foam. How wonderful for your little ones to be laughing with the big dog; dogs so love to play together. Wishing you a lovely October weekend.