Monday, March 2, 2015


Here's what Quinn's family says about him.
Quinn preferred to be "naked". 
He was a diabetic and 9 days after he had cataract surgery, 
Quinn developed glaucoma and eventually had to have his eye removed to rid the pain. 
Quinn had many health issues but rose to each and every occasion and completely
fulfilled his registered name, "THE MIGHTY QUINN"(little
did we know that his name would describe him so well).
Quinn had a serious personality but had a very gentle soul. 
He was not as outgoing as his goofy brother Kobe. I 
always called him my nervous Nellie.
Quinn was lucky to have such a great family.
Thanks for looking, MB!

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  1. What a little sweetheart; how lucky little Quinn was/is to have such a loving family. What a sweet, sweet painting. So much love in it; if I was Quinn's family, I would love this painting.