Sunday, February 7, 2016


Here's the next day - I usually don't add the background color till
the end but for some reason it felt right to do it all at the same time. 
I used a palette knife instead of a brush
(tried a brush first but didn't like the results so I got out my knife because I
wanted to create a different texture for the surrounding color - I thought it would add 
some interest I didn't think there needed to be any more brush work 
because there was plenty of action on the surface of the coke bottles).
Thanks for taking a look!

Andy Warhol my hero 

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  1. LOVE this Andy W. quote about coke. Pretty universally true across the world. I like that you did used a knife and brush. With my last painting, I did the same and liked the results also. Time to go home and paint. I always am intrigued by your process. Thanks for the post. It's like a little gold nugget in my inbox when it arrives.