Saturday, February 6, 2016


Here's how this painting got started. I knew the Palette show deadline was coming and
I like to have a new painting for the show. The idea is to display the five senses through
The painting(sight) - smell - touch - sound and taste. Well the sight part is easy it's fitting
In the rest that can cause some anxiety. I had been thinking about Andy Warhol a lot
Lately and had his books on my table. He has a great coke quote - I'll try to
Upload that tomorrow.  I always have a coke bottle around but what
About the sound and taste portion of the display. Then the Sam Cooke song "Having a Party"
Popped into my head and my problems were solved. The line in the song 
"The cokes are in the icebox - the popcorn's on the table...."
The project was complete in my head now all I had to do was paint.
Of course it's never that straight forward but that's how the painting was created.
Andy Warhols coke bottles were green - that's why my first one is green(originally I thought
They would all be green) but Visually I had to change that idea so I added purple and red before I put the painting To bed for the night. I like to walk into the studio the next day with a plan 
And try not to obsess tooooo much!
Whew - thanks a bunch!

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  1. Oh gosh, MB. You are incredible. I learn so much with each one of these. I've never been a big Andy Warhol fan. You might change my mind. I actually like your work better. I'm not kidding. To me, his work feels like graphic art instead of painting.