Wednesday, August 3, 2016


18" X 18" 
This painting is on view at The Center for Visual Arts
837 Lincoln Ave.
Steamboat Springs,CO
I will be painting at CVA for First Friday - August 5th
5pm till 8pm
If you're around stop by and say hi! 
Here's a process shot. I painted the upper portions one day and added the color
outlines before I quit for the day. That way I have a start for the next painting
session. It helps when I walk into the studio to have a direction and get right to
it. Makes for a more intuitive approach to finishing this painting.  I wasn't sure
I could pull it off but I'm happy with the results. 
Thanks for taking a look. Have a great weekend. MB

1 comment:

  1. Oh gosh MB - I LOVE the process shot. I am intrigued with the color outlines. The colors in this painting have "captured" my eyeballs...I can't stop looking. Thanks for the posts. xoxoxo n