Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Two years ago I started piling up art supplies to give away. Well it finally
truly happened. I called a fellow artist who teaches art at Hayden High School.
Susan came to my studio on Thursday and took everything. I told her it was 
quite a load so her husband took out the back seat to her SUV type vehicle
and she fit it all in her car. I think she packed about 100 canvases of different
sizes, all my professional acrylic paints I even gave her my small etching press.
I can paint faster than I can print! 
She's an excellent teacher and I know she will use all these supplies in the most
creative way and the kids will have a blast. I know I promised the supplies to my
friends a while back but this opportunity was too good to pass up.
 It's all gone. Woohoo! 
The next part of the story is that it was time to straighten out my storage area,
paint my studio floor, throw out more stuff and get organized for the next round of 
painting. I did finish 3 paintings before all of this occurred but haven't gotten around
to taking any photos. I just wanted to show you what I've been up to because
you probably think I'm just goofing off. 
Hope everyone's fine and thanks for taking a look. 
I can't wait till this is all finished and I can get back to painting.

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  1. BIG wow! You must feel a deep cleansing. Good for you!