Thursday, February 28, 2019


10” X 16”
I love this bear. I’ve painted him numerous times and never get tired of this image.
I’ve been without my computers for a week while they were being updated.
It turned out well in the end but my tech guy had some issues he’s never seen before.
 I told him now you know what it’s like to be a mere mortal in this crazy tech world. 

I’m back in business as far as I can tell. I have to learn some new computer stuff so it could 
be touch and go for a while. My screen looks so different as well as my keyboard 

Let’s hope for continued success.

As you know I’ve been struggling with painting. So instead of fighting it I decided
to paint some images I’ve painted previously. I’m still struggling but I’m starting to feel better.
I’ve been cleaning my studio as well to bring some life back into my space, purge old baggage
and hopefully open up my creative pathways. 

Thanks for waiting - it’s been humbling to say the least MB

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  1. I know the struggle. Welcome to my world. It's hard. I love your bear, too. To me, with those intense eyes, he also is looking for answers like the rest of us. He is beautiful. xo n