Thursday, February 21, 2019


This is going to be an explanation of what's been going on. 
Last year blogspot quit working on my iPad  - so I signed
up for a new website which only a handful of followers signed up to
receive(my new website is expensive so I want to get rid of it)
That story coming at a later date.

Yesterday - it appears that I've found a way around the blogspot
snafu on my iPad and you are now receiving blogspot in your email
just like the old days! 

I've also created a newsletter link on my old website at the top of the page
On the newsletter link it asks for your bday my rule of thumb is to put
April 1(April fools day - it's easy to remember and not your real bday)
So if you want to sign up that's what I recommend.

Also, at the top of my webpage there's a new Instagram button
I have no idea what Instagram is but I'm trying to learn.
I think you can hit the Instagram button
and the follow button and when I post something new
you'll get notification.

I'm in a bit of a tizzy - it will all be explained in more
detail as I go. Thanks for persevering through all of this upheaval.
OH! BY THE BY there was a pine Martin in my house this morning
He ate all my pears - pooped and peed in 3 places
it could've been much worse. He's out of the house now and we're
repairing the hole he scratched his way into the house - yikes!
He was soooo cute too.

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