Sunday, August 15, 2021



Study for larger painting for 2022 Winter Carnival Poster. I was asked to produce the poster art for the upcoming Winter Carnival in February 2022. It’s a huge responsibility and I know not everyone will appreciate the imagery. The image is from a 1960 postcard in the Tread of Pioneers museum collection. Kelsey, the person in charge likes my Rabbit Ears paintings and that vibe so you know me - if there’s an 
old car to paint I’m in! The license plate will read WZ - 109. WZ for Steamboat of course and 109 for the 109th year of the winter carnival  - which is impressive in my book. It’s called Moon Shadow because I want it to be reminiscent of the full moon in February of 1960. The moon light is coming in from the left hand top corner. Not sure if I can pull it off it’s a huge challenge but I’ll give it my best. 
Thanks for looking MB
Big painting is 48”h X 36”W - will be photographed and turned into a poster. Then the painting 
will be auctioned off at the SSWSC event in December. Proceeds go to the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club. 

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