Wednesday, October 23, 2013


You know those signs you see hanging on the fence in big red letters "BEWARE OF DOG"
well Cindy is the one behind the fence. When we were in denver we went to Couch Engineering. Cindy and her pal Rosie are the Go to Gals at Couch Engineering - Jay Couch is the go to guy! 
With over 22 years of hands-on experience working with Unimogs and other 4WD vehicles in the United States and abroad, owner, Couch, is known by his peers as the "Go-To Guy" for authoritative answers and advice. This level of experience saves you time and money, as issues are diagnosed quickly, and solutions are put into place before any potential problems ever arise. Corners are never cut, as C.O.R.E.'s level of high quality work is truly unparalleled. Click on this link for more info.  COUCH ENGINEERING 
We spent the afternoon perusing the unimog junk yard - talking shop - and having a good old time with Cindy!

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  1. Cindy must be quite the guard dog ... and she comes with a friendly face. Noting those lovely red/green compliments (complements?).