Wednesday, December 4, 2013


8" x 8" will be framed individually
Here's the other part of the Portofino story - so I was really hired to paint 3 Bracco Italiano dog portraits not Portofino. I was truly stumped by these dogs in my friends photos they all looked alike to me, I had a difficult time processing the visuals in the emails. I have never seen an Italian Bracco - didn't know anything about the breed so that's why I painted the stucco buildings and boats instead - that was something I could relate to - I've been there seen it done it etc. 
It was time for some research to get to know this Italian breed of bird dog. The main words used to describe this breed is sweet - sweet - sweet! In every e mail to me my friend used - those exact words  to describe these wonderful dogs of hers. Now I was ready - at least I thought so but there's more. 
Throw another wrench into my psyche written by my friend:
One of the things I like about your paintings is the color and there isn't much opportunity for color in the dogs themselves, so I was thinking some sort of colorful border or background would be fun.
YIKES! Holy cow - The first dog I painted was Hanna and she's lavender - pink and blue with a brilliant green background. So I got the background right but Was I suppose to make her brown and white?  
So you see what keeps me up at night!!!!!!!!! I out guess myself - I doubt myself - it just never ends. 
Another thing - I was suppose to put all three dogs on one canvas too - well that didn't work for me visually/ no how no way - so again I throw myself under the bus and go with my gut. The dogs are all painted on separate gessobords and they will be framed separate and that's that - end of story. 
Commissions might be my undoing - Cause I pretty much do what I damn well please. Bad girl!
If you got through all of this you're a saint. Thanks for following and reading the banter.


  1. MB, you have literally brought tears to my eyes -- that is my Hanna-Bear through and through!! I can't believe how perfect it is -- I really, really LOVE IT! I am an idiot, I know, about the color -- I knew from your paintings that she wouldn't be simply brown and white, and one of the things that drew me to your portraits is the color, so I am very, very sorry to have kept you up at night with my asinine comments. . .Also, I am known to go on and on and on about my dogs -- I may not be a person of many words usually, but get me talking about my dogs and I don't shut up. Which is why I can't understand why I didn't give you a more thorough description of their personalities and traits. . . Oh well, at least you were able to research this really wonderful breed and draw your own conclusions. . . Keep doing the commissions! And while I am sorry it was such a conundrum, I am pretty sure that's what keeps you going, so you can thank me later. . .;-)

  2. One of the elements of your paintings that I always have loved/admired is your penchant for using color with blacks, browns, whites. Incredible. I love this painting of Hanna for this very reason. I believe that when one is commissioned to do a piece, the commissioner is well aware of the artist's style. If you painted my dog this way, I absolutely be thrilled. That's my two cents. Now please take a sleeping pill. xo n