Sunday, February 2, 2014


I know what else I forgot - the paintings this week are painted on toned gessobord.
Some backgrounds were painted orange or yellow or pink
A friend asked me about toning the background of their canvases 
but when they paint they lose all the color that's suppose to show through
because they lay down too much paint. 
Well I hadn't done this in a while myself I thought it was time to experiment
It's not easy!!!!!
It's much harder to see the colors as you put them down because of the background color
and keep the paint thin to let the orange or yellow ground come through. 
It's a great exercise but I usually paint on a gray ground
because I can see the colors so much better
No right or wrong just what ever works best for you.
Thanks for following!

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  1. I have not tried the gray yet, but it is on my list. Would not even dawn on me to use other thanks for the suggestion. Beautiful cherries, once again.