Sunday, February 16, 2014


We went to see the movie Monument Men on saturday and it really got me thinking.
Why are we awed time and time again by sculpture, painting, architecture etc.
What drives us to take umpteen photos of Winged Victory or The David
we could just buy a postcard and save ourselves a lot of time?
 It's a mystery - the emotions that come to the surface 
when in a room filled with monuments from another time
the scale(which cannot be conveyed through a photo)
the feel of the brush strokes or surface of the stone - the tenacity.
What would've happened if all those war treasures had been lost forever?
Would we be as rich - not monetarily - but emotionally and spiritually?
There are more questions than answers.
I'm just thankful the movie got me thinking about something that truthfully
had not occurred to me - and all that Art History to boot!!
Thanks and hope you have a wonderful week.
I'll finish up Horsepower this week and we'll go from there.

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  1. Jim & I just saw the same movie last night. When we exited the movie theater, some artists were selling reproductions of masters' paintings. I found myself eyeballing each and every paintbrush stroke. The painting geniuses are called masters for a reason. So much to think about...