Tuesday, September 1, 2015


This painting is taking too long so I thought I'd give 
you something if you're interested. Here's my palette of
colors for this painting. I like to make sure I have every color
I need because I don't want to introduce a new color halfway
through the painting - it never works for me visually. 
I have 4 new brushes for this 30"H X 40"W painting
my palette is a piece of glass on top of gray chipboard
so I can use my scraper to clean the glass periodically.
My medium is walnut oil and nothing else this is
 my non-toxic approach to oil painting. 
I wear gloves religiously and try not to slosh paint every where.
I find this approach works best for me. I don't waste paint or time.
Although this painting is taking forever - go figure!

This is what it looks like after the first hour.
I try to work in hour blocks - take the dogs for a walk
around the block and set up another hour of work. 
This helps to get away from the image and kind of start fresh
on my return from my short 10 minute walk.

This what my messy palette looks like. I've found
that if I clean my palette every hour or so my colors 
stay cleaner and brighter. So before I begin again I 
clean this mess and start painting again.
This should've been the first photo. Here's
my setup. Photos to the right of the canvas for reference 
my matt is a camping pad - easily moved from side to
side as I work my way across the canvas.
My painting cart is on rollers as well so it's
easy to move as well. Makes for a great painting
experience. I only paint standing up - I've tried sitting down
but it doesn't work for me. I need to step back after each stroke
 and take a look - it's exhausting but it's an important part of my process. 
I don't wear my glasses to paint - thank goodness I'm near 
sighted - therefore I don't have to squint to paint.
Thanks for waiting - I can't believe how long this painting is taking.  
Go Figure!

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  1. MB, this is so interesting and so helpful. My approach is completely different. I don't know as much about color as you, so I add colors/mixes as I go as I do not yet have my "vision" for a particular painting when I first begin. Your process is absolutely fascinating to me. My palette is a mess throughout the completion of any painting. When I am able to start painting again, I will take note of all this. I feel like I had a visit to your studio. Thank you!