Friday, February 10, 2017


This is Nancy's studio - you can see how busy she's been and how the paintings are coming along. 
Nancy attended a few classes at my studio but what you see is how far she's come all on her own! 
Nancy's color wheels(which she created by herself)for reference - a painting of her neighbor on his horse - working on a special dog portrait for a friend. HEY DUKE(not sure if that's the correct
name or spelling) he's the English Bulldog in the upper right of her studio - his portrait
is unusual because he occupies the lower right portion of the painting. 
It was an interesting choice on Nancy's part and it's perfect in every way. 
Color - composition - light - joy and pure creativity! I wish I had painted it - it's perfection.
It is so much fun for me to see a working studio other than my own.
Nancy's dedication to painting and the curiosity to try something different is truly inspiring. 
What a treat for me. Thanks a bunch - Nancy! 
Look at all that color!!!
 Later and thanks for all the email correspondence - MB.

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  1. Oh my gosh, MB. I had no idea you took these photos. Thank you - all the chaos actually looks good, even to me. I am a bit embarrassed, but you also have made me feel good about my progress. Thank you for being my inspirational teacher. xo n