Tuesday, February 14, 2017


The blog title was going to be diversify or die! 

But I thought that you might be worried with that title.

I have a feeling the gallery I belong to might not survive through 2017 and I won't have a definitive answer
until November. With that thought in mind I thought it was best to start thinking about my future in the arts. 
I like to paint too much to quit. 
There are not many options in Steamboat to show work - I have placed
my paintings in a store to see if they can sell them and I will also be giving the
Steamboat Art Museum store a selection of pendants(above) and small
prints to sell.  I always said I would never make prints of my pieces but disparate times call for
desperate measures. I'm trying to get ahead of the eventual demise of gallery showings.
Not that it will happen but it's better to be prepared if it does happen.
This pendant and print project has taken up most of my time with all the R & D. I know it all looks pretty
straight forward but figuring out how to make a successful pendant took countless hours
of one failure after another. The prints were also time consuming. The right glue, the right
varnish, the right paper the list goes on. 
I'm hopeful I can get back to painting sometime this week.
Thanks for waiting and understanding. This truly has been one weird trip!
Later - MB.


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  1. Wow. This is awesome. I bet you sell out. These are affordable and easy to pack in one's travel bag!! Good luck!!