Sunday, February 12, 2017


This is going to be so cool! Doesn't look very promising here but you'll just have to trust me.
We're having another small works show at the gallery- Jim(my honey) came up with the title for the show
I went through a number of ideas for the show but knew it had to include mirror in some way.
I thought about mirror mosaic - a reflective painting - sculpture covered in mirror 
I've had this little cardboard house sitting in my studio for years - AHA!
Found all my mirror, my glass cutting tools, glue, etc. and got to work.
This is what I've been up to its taken over my life.
Haven't painted in a week 
Yikes!!! I couldn't find anything in the studio what a mess
Here's the roof. I cut up the left over postcards from the 12 X 12 Small Works Show and made shingles.
More to come but I had to order some parts will post when it's finished.
Pretty exciting for me.
Thanks a bunch. MB

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