Sunday, October 29, 2017


8" X 8"
I'm so happy with this little painting. It's funky and fun!
I started a truck today and so far it's a home run - my December show
deadline was a good decision. It's got me all jazzed. 
In reality I should be finished with the paintings but all in good time.
In between painting VW's and trucks I'm choosing colors for my kitchen. 
My kitchen wall was painted school bus yellow - I drove a school bus for 
3 years - I can't believe I did that job. We had the art bus. Kids from my route would come to
my studio to create pieces for the bus. How cool is that??? 
It was one weird trip - but if you need me to drive a big rig for you - no problem. 
 I love school bus yellow but my kitchen might end up turning into an heirloom 
tomato instead. It's all up in the air. 
More on that as it develops.
Thanks a bunch and have a great day! MB

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  1. So the question this painting poses for me is: Are there two pairs of skis or four individual skis? LOVE the bumper on this little gem.