Saturday, March 14, 2020

RABBI - - -

Love that post title? 
It’s going - had a rough patch but I hope I’m through with that nonsense.
So much doubt. 
New favorite colors Holbein’s Kings Blue Deep
Gamblin quinacridone red
Can’t explain how much I love them or why but they are now on my palette everyday 

On another note - I’m thinking about all of you everyday 
Drop me a line anytime to let me know you’re OK
Please stay safe and healthy because I need you!
I know that’s selfish but hey it’s the truth. 
Till next time all the best MB


  1. Oh MB - this is incredible. Are the people who commissioned this watching the progress? If yes, that would make me very nervous. We are well - thanks for asking. We're kind of in a self-quarantined situation because I also have a compromised system with my heart disease and Jim's system will be forever compromised from his cancer. It's a good time to not live in town. I bet you and Jimi feel the same. Want to see something uplifting? Watch this - it's a beautiful thing. All four short videos in Italy.

  2. Hello MB - I'm so excited to hop on and see your fantastic progress!!! The Rabbit Ears piece looks amazing!!!! I love everything about it!! We can't wait to see the final product and to install it in our Florida home! What a treasure you are creating for us!!! We're self quarantining and hoping you are well. I heard there are several cases of Covid 19 in Colorado. Be well!! - Jana Jones