Wednesday, March 6, 2013


OK so here goes. Grandpa sent me 4 photos and to tell the truth I didn't think any of them would work. Then he suggested I take this photo and crop it in real close - I gave it a go. The original photo was hard to work with because the light was so diffused and the subject so far away - but I thought I could really learn a lot from this particular assignment. I realized I could paint a subject I didn't know, how to work with a photo that isn't mine, how to capture the essence of the subject, and how much fun it is when it turns out to meet my expectations. So, I did learn quite a bit from this self imposed assignment but isn't that true with each and every effort in painting and in life. I'll give it a go! That's my motto lately and it seems to be working on some level.
Hope all is well with everyone.

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  1. You inspire me each day - someone who is so talented continues to try a different technique when prompted. I want to take this little boy down to my pond to look for water critters. xo