Monday, September 16, 2013


I've been working on a larger piece so I don't have much new. Here's my other bucket of tomatoes. I wanted to try it again with a different technique. I've been struggling for awhile - comparing myself to other painters - well that's not getting me anywhere other than frustrated.  I just have to let it all go and be me and paint for the love of painting!  Thanks for following!

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  1. Tomatoes, beautiful tomatoes. Shiny buckets - lovely. Amazed at the shine. Beautiful. Okay - here is the deal: Think about how much I have learned from if I compared myself to you, it would absolutely paralyze me. Your work is so incredibly unique and stunning. It's sort of like a cosmic experience (e.g., when you do something, it affects others like in a chain reaction) - you have me looking at my world with a whole new set of eyes. Now I have Jim looking at his world differently also (e.g.," look at that sky, Jim - all the yellows and blues"). Your love of your art world is spreading. What a gift you are to all your followers - I am at the top of those receiving that gift. xo n