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32405 County Road 41C, south of Steamboat Springs
One-room schools played a major role in the development of education in the United States: In 1918, approximately 200,000 one-teacher elementary schools served students living in outlying areas from the age of six to sixteen. At one time Routt County had 70 one-room schoolhouses; in 1916, the County had 58 schoolhouses and 45 school districts. Mrs. Emma Hull Peck was elected the first Superintendent of School District #26 in 1896, when less than 3,000 people lived in Routt County. The wife of a homesteader and pioneer politician and mother of four children, she also taught school throughout the year. When she retired in 1920, she could call by name more than one third of the County’s more than 2,000 school children. The Hilton Gulch School, one of two rural schools that comprised District #26, opened in 1917 and consolidated with the Steamboat Springs School District at the end of the 1954 term. Prior to it becoming a private residence, the school was significant to the social and cultural development of the area by serving as a gathering place for quilting guilds, spelling bees, concerts, political caucuses, box socials, church revivals, funerals, and weekend dances. One local resident recalls, “The music was portable and local. We took up a collection, put 25 cents in a hat and danced ‘til two o’clock. And then, if we wanted to go dance all night, we took up another collection. We actually wore the floor out in the Hilton Gulch School. It actually fell in when people were square dancing.” In addition to the school, the site originally contained a teacherage, a shed, and an outhouse. The building continues to serve as a visual reminder of the pioneer lifestyle and the focal position that it held for the area as it sits prominently at a crossroads, still retains its bell tower and original bell, and essentially retains its architectural integrity. 
These small 6" X 6" paintings are being displayed as a triptych
at SAM for the Plein Air paint out show. I was awarded the Historic Routt County Award
along with a gorgeous ribbon and some cash.
Johnny Walker made the presentation and to tell the truth I was so surprised by the
award I can't tell you a thing he said. Something along the lines that these three
buildings represent the heritage of Routt County. 
His speech was so eloquent and thoughtful - I am honored to have my work chosen. 
Thanks for following - last week was a great journey painting Routt county!
The Hayden Granary is a historic site purchased by the Delaney family in 2009 and has been nominated for placement on the National Register of Historic Places while currently listed on both Colorado State and Routt County Registers of Historic Places.

The Granary is in process of transformation to a multi-functional property with an event center, artist studio/gallery, local food cooperative, office space and coffee house while honoring and enhancing the heritage of this iconic landmark in the Hayden community. The property has been a gathering place for the Community of Hayden and West Routt County since 1917 and continues to join our community today.

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  1. I love how you tell the stories of our county and community. Beautiful. Thank you.